Commercial Properties

LK Asset Advisors is well equipped to facilitate all aspects of your commercial property. Through a detailed process of gathering competitive set analysis, historic, present, and forecasted business plans, and the necessary data due diligence, the team at LK will develop a comprehensive business strategy and operating budget to assess the potential of the property and develop a financial and operations plan that serves our clients.

From operations streamlining, human resources, accounting services, and sales and marketing; to construction management and daily building maintenance, we’ll streamline your operation to maximize profit.

Ghost Kitchens

To mitigate losses and increase margins, restaurants today are addressing their “back of house” expenses by locating them in a centralized offsite kitchen facility. These “Ghost Kitchens” enable restaurants to scale efficiently with lower expenses, in some cases, creating entirely new brands that live online. Ghost Kitchen facilities require fewer employees and can be located in areas...

San Francisco Flex

San Francisco Flex – the subject is comprised of a commercial building totaling 9,580 square feet spread across 4 floors. The property was previously a mixed-use office/ retail space; however, it was most recently owner occupied. In June of 2020, the borrower agreed to a deed in lieu, and LK has taken possession of the property. We are working with local brokers to determine our pl...


LK Asset Advisors worked with Topflight Airpark to secure a bridge loan for its property next to Hagerstown Regional Airport — just four months after it was scheduled to go on the auction block. The 761,360-square-foot facility is the former Fairchild aircraft-manufacturing plant. It includes 12 warehouse spaces, a large hangar and office space.