LK Asset Advisors works hand-in-hand with our clients to build a personalized plan to improve operations and position our properties for success. LK brings years of experience. We have the foresight and expertise to address some of the most common hurdles, including valuation and pro-forma issues, the need for long-term marketing plans, operation management, strategic sales plans, accounting, forecasting and budgeting, banking relationships, HR, and recruitment. This process allows us to quickly turnaround underperforming properties and get them on the path to long-term growth and profitability.

LK Asset Advisors’ managed loan portfolio ranges from $1.4 Million to $148 Million in loan size. The complex nature of the management portfolio includes a breakdown of the following:

  • Currently, 70% of LK’s portfolio has some type of construction component.
  • All of the loans have lock boxes for cash management in place – the majority of which are springing in nature, and some are full cash management REO properties which include hotel, office, retail, data center, senior living.
  • Focusing on a multitude of asset classes, LK has ensured that the staff and operations team at LK are equally as diverse and cover a wide range of specialties and areas of expertise.