Distressed Asset Rehabilitation

LK Asset Advisors knows how to see past the dust and debris and see the potential in any real estate property. With years of experience stabilizing and increasing asset value in all distressed operations, LK knows what to redesign and rebuild when it comes to the physical construct of your property. We know how to lead and manage employees, work with vendors, renegotiate contracts and maximize the business’s potential. Our staff of professionals have the expertise to evaluate, create a strong business plan, execute the reposition, and successfully complete any rehabilitation.

LK Asset Advisors has an experienced and skilled construction team. We can handle minor renovations and major transformations of any type of property. We help our clients generate a better return on investment by focusing their renovation dollars in a way that will have the greatest possible impact on recurring income and property value. Our monthly detailed financials give accurate data that helps guide the decision-making process.