Edwin Leslie-Kubat

Edwin has served as CEO of LK since its inception in 1996. Prior to founding LK, Edwin’s career included 12 years with Hilton Hotel Corporation as Vice President of Development for family-owned assets, Vice President of Operations for 50 hotels with Westmont Hospitality one of the largest independent hotel companies in the US, and a 4 year contractor status with Equitable Real Estate and Life Insurance handling the disposal and sale of 72 assets in the US as part of the Savings and Loan seizures.

Edwin is an approved Chapter 11 Trustee with the US Bankruptcy Court system and has served as the Trustee for 37 cases ranging from small 50 room hotel projects to 1,000+ room hotel and casino properties. As well Edwin has been appointed as the Receiver on behalf of lenders in 29 civil court cases from hotel properties to multifamily properties. 



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