Jaun Marsh
| Property Services Business Development Manager

Jaun is responsible for expanding LK Asset Advisors’ existing portfolio of managed assets by developing relationships with owners and investors of various real estate properties, with a focus on the multi-family sector.  Jaun brings to the position years of hands-on property management experience.

With a clear understanding of all aspects of asset management, financial receivership real estate development and property management, Jaun is able to showcase the fully customizable menu of property management and asset services offered by LK Asset Advisors.  He is involved in the early stages of the company’s new business engagements as LK works through the strategic problem-solving required to overcome challenges, determining what it is going to take to gain competitive advantage and maximize the return on our client’s investments.

Jaun brings highly valuable skills, experience, and education to the LK Asset Advisors, LLC. team with education in marketing and a background in sales and administration.



615-622-8900, ext. 108