Tracy Howland
| Manager of Asset Services

As Manager of Asset Services, Tracy makes sure that our clients projects have the right resources, using the right people, all of the time.

Tracy has spent the majority of her career in the communications business. For over a decade she was a successful entrepreneur as President and Owner of Schuster Print and Marketing. Her clientele included some of the most demanding companies in the American southwest and Tracy made sure that the projects her company produced delivered the results that were expected. The skillset she learned in the mass communications business translates well as she coordinates LK’s Asset Management team and brings their vast experience to assist owners, lenders and investors in maximizing the value of each asset.

Tracy is a past Board Director at Aunt Rita’s Foundation and One-n-Ten, two nonprofits dedicated to the elimination of, and suffering from, HIV and AIDS and the support of LGBTQ youth.



615-622-8900, ext. 104